Betting bots Automated betting
Step by step instructions on how to set automated betting bot to place bets on your tips.
VPS - Virtual Private Server VPS - Virtual Private Server
VPS is remote server that is up and running all the time.
Staking Staking plans
Details on all available staking plans that can be used to analyze your betting tips.
Staking plan Fibonacci
Increases your stake by Fibonacci sequence while you are losing. Restarts on first winning bet.
Staking plan Martingale
Increases your stake when you are losing so that next bet recovers all your losses.
Staking plan Odds staking ladder
Each odds range has its own stake value. Lower odds can have higher stakes and higher odds can have smaller stakes.
Staking plan Parlay
Uses profit from previous bets and places it on next bet. Restarts after set number of winning bets.
Staking plan Percent of betting bank
Stake is percent of your betting bank. As your betting bank changes so does your stake change.
Staking plan Up down staking plan
On loss increases your stake by set value, on win decreases your stake by set value.
Staking plan Labouchere staking plan
Labouchere staking plan requires that you to set serie of consecutive numbers. This serie will change as your bets win and lose.
Staking plan Reverse Labouchere staking plan
Reverse Labouchere has reverse logic from original Labouchere staking plan.

Staking plan Square root staking plan
Square root staking plan increases your stake when you are in profit by square root value of your profit. When you are in loss the initial stake value is used.
Staking plan Lay 1-4 staking plan
Lay 1-4 staking plan increase your stake on loss. Stake remains at that increased value until loss is fully recovered.
Staking plan Kelly staking plan
Kelly staking plan is using mathematical formula to determine optimal stake for your bets. It requires that you know your winning percentage and odds at which bet will be placed.
Staking plan Retirement staking plan
Retirement staking plan uses initial stake and divisor to calculate target profit. Then by using odds it calculates your bet size so that you win your target profit.

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