Winners of monthly tipping prize competition

Monthly tipping prize competition

Monthly tipping prize competition was first organized on 1st February 2018 and its goal is to reward top three tipsters each month. Below you will find winners and details about their tips that earned them their prize.

October 2019

+54.06 Murilordj

Murilo won first place mostly by placing tips on football correct scores. His overall profit keeps increasing for second month in a row. Hopefully he will be able to continue this good run!

+48.44 GoalForecast

Michael won second placed and he was very lucky to pick a winner "Champion Brogie" at odds of 42.56 that won him 78 points (maximum allowed).

+38.16 Hushwing

Graeme Wood won third place with his horse racing tips. This is his best month since he joined last year in March.


September 2019

+54.06 gedracing

Gerard Bulger had 19 winning tips and strike rate of 26.03%. His racing tips won him first place.

+48.44 In1stPlaceAgain

Farid Yagkoubi won second place with strike rate of 32.61%. His tips are for horse racing events.

+38.16 diegox

Diego from Chile won 3rd place second time in a row. Like last month he posted tips for football correct scores and made enough points for third place.


August 2019

+70.47 salahsyh

Shuaib Yunus from Mombasa, Kenya, won first place and this third prize in last five months. His strike rate was 14.87% but his tip on score 2:3 at odds of 36 was crucial!

+70.38 zhinfuncvn

Vũ Tuấn Anh won second place one more time. Few big winners at odds in range of 20 - 30 helped him to win second prize.

+64.81 diegox

Third place prize goes to Diego Sanchez from Chile. Large number of tips on correct scores with strike rate of 16.38% won him third place prize!


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