Winners of monthly tipping prize competition

Monthly tipping prize competition

Monthly tipping prize competition was first organized on 1st February 2018 and its goal is to reward top three tipsters each month. Below you will find winners and details about their tips that earned them their prize.

August 2019

+70.47 salahsyh

Shuaib Yunus from Mombasa, Kenya, won first place and this third prize in last five months. His strike rate was 14.87% but his tip on score 2:3 at odds of 36 was crucial!

+70.38 zhinfuncvn

Vũ Tuấn Anh won second place one more time. Few big winners at odds in range of 20 - 30 helped him to win second prize.

+64.81 diegox

Third place prize goes to Diego Sanchez from Chile. Large number of tips on correct scores with strike rate of 16.38% won him third place prize!


July 2019

+104.64 Budgie1984

Brad Bugeja had a fantastic month and won first place prize. After some difficult period it seems that this tipster is now back on right track!

+82.67 salahsyh

Shuaib Yunus from Mombasa, Kenya, won second place. Few big winners helped him win prize this month.

+74.81 Dothistowin

Justin Peters from Australia won third place this time. This is his fourth profitable month in a row. Lets hope he keeps winning!


June 2019

+93.85 everaldmac

Daniel Orr from Belfast won first place and £200 prize. His horse racing tips made steady profit and won him first place.

+93.33 zhinfuncvn

Vu Anh won second place and £100 prize. Tips on football correct score selections at high odds, long losing runs with few big winners won him second place.

+52.64 Benki0815

Third place and £50 prize goes to Stephan Benik from Germany. His tips are on overpriced horses at win markets.


May 2019

+103.96 Dothistowin

Justin Peters from Australia won first place with his horse racing and AFL tips. His strike rate this month was 35.23% and return on investment was 21.79%. Those are great numbers, lets hope he can continue this good run.

+67.68 Formulator

Laurence is too from Australia and he won second place thanks to few winners at large odds! Runner Legal Asset had BSP of 139 and California Fox had BSP of 40.

+51.64 Frontie

Joe is best tipster at TippingSports! This month he won third place. We all know very well that his tips are only for Australian greyhound races.


April 2019

+96.69 salahsyh

Shuaib Yunus from Mombasa, Kenya won first place. Last day tip on half time score 1-2 won him 74 points and moved him to first place. Another big win at Atletico Madrid match, for correct score 3-2 gave him max profit of 78 points. Thanks to those two big wins he finished at first place.

+84.90 madmethods

Jamie from Brisbane, Australia won second place. Greyhound and horse racing tips with strike rate of 23.12% won him second place.

+43.14 Joey13

Jon Goodey from Reading, United Kingdom won third place. Most of this tips are for football events. Jon does data analysis for different markets and uses historical data to generate his tips.


March 2019

+77.06 Cerberus

Sasa Trakilovic from Vancouver won first place. He made most profit with correct score tips on Juventus, Blackburn and Liverpool that won him around 30 points each. Lets hope that he is now back on winning track like last year when he had 9 winning months in a row!

+66.05 KamikazeCo-Pilot

David Wragg horse racing tips won him second place. His tips are mostly for UK and Irish horse racing events, win and place markets.

+55.24 limle1723

Ivan Lim from Malaysia won third place. His tips are mostly for football and he does analysis and research before posting any tips.


February 2019

+101.76 Betjunkie

Football tips from Ethem Qato won him first place prize. Few correct score winners at high odds made him enough profit for first place. Well done!

+68.43 Massldn

Masud Ahmed won second place prize. Tennis and football tips won him second place prize.

+58.75 Troubadour

Gary Flood won another prize with his South African horse racing tips.


January 2019

+108.74 WinAddict

Krisen Pareanen won first place with much better performance than previous two months. Few big winners helped him recover from loss and win top prize.

+72.03 ElevenNuns

Another second place for Brian Fenwick! Higher profit and good performance this month too.

+49.05 ShotGunPaddy

Liam Harms won third place by posting tips for UK and Irish horse racing events. This is his first prize and lets hope he continues to make profit in future.


December 2018

+84.97 Bonecrusher16

Scott Willoughby won first place and £200 prize. His tips on Australian greyhound races made him nice profit.

+45.08 ElevenNuns

Brian Fenwick won second place one more time with tips on UK greyhound races.

+32.64 Dothistowin

Justin won third place with horse racing tips and £50 prize. There were few other tipsters in front of him, but they did not satisfy competition rules or did not reply to our emails to claim the reward.


November 2018

+92.67 Budgie1984

Another fantastic month and one more prize for Brad Bugeja from Australia. This is second time that he is winning monthly competition. He is on good path to become best tipster overall.

+82.53 TrackStack

Antony won second place with tips on football and horse racing events. He is a new member and we hope that he will continue to make profit in future.

+64.91 PEUGEOT508

Dario football tips won him third place. He finished October in big loss but managed to recover in November and win third prize.


October 2018

+102.24 Niroj86

Niroj KC is a sports fan from Nepal. Niroj tips are for all sports, specially for football and racing events.

+60.59 Troubadour

This is a second time that Troubadour is winning prize, this time second place the prize. His tips are for South African horse racing events and he did really well in last few months!

+52.53 TEAREX

John Quirke tips are for UK and Irish horse racing events. He had ups and downs, but managed to win third prize this month.


September 2018

+162.76 Budgie1984

Brad Bugeja had a fanstastic month and won first place by almost 100 points more than second placed tipster. His tips are only for Victorian greyhound racing events. He does his own video analysis and has his own ratings system.

+68.02 jumpoutjunkie2018

Second place goes to Mitchell Brown from Australia who is new tipster at our web site. His tips are for horse racing events from Australia.

+53.99.95 ARTips

Andrius Reika won third place, after a great start he had some rough period and now it seems that he is starting to make profit. His tips are for UK and Irish horse racing events.


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