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Many people expect to win fortune or to win all the time when they buy betting tips, and then they get disappointed when they see that that is not the case. Buying betting tips from experienced tipsters means making overall profit over longer period of time. if you subscribe to tipster then tipster betting tips for first month might not make you profit, but if you follow tipster for few months then overall you should be in profit.

This is where tipster betting history is very important . It allows you to see how tipster performed in previous period and what type of profit you can expect . The longer betting history tipster has the more confidence we can have in tipster betting tips that they will be profitable in future as well . However, past profits do not guarantee future profits! There is always risk involved, but what we can do is try to minimize that risk .

All tipsters that sell tips at our web site are checked and approved by us. This means that they placed tips at our web site for some time and that those tips were automatically settled by our system. Their tipping history proves that their tips were profitable.

Many tipsters at our web site offer tips for free. This is something that anyone can do as registrations are free and tipping/analysis services are free too. If you wish to receive tips from those tipsters then all you have to do is visit their public profile and click “Follow” button. After that you will receive their tips by email and your TippingSports unique link will also return their tips.

For tipsters that sell their tips and which you can buy you will notice that there is no “Follow” button at their public profile page. Instead there is subscribe button that will take you to PayPal page. Once you complete payment process and subscribe to their tips you will automatically receive that tipster tips by email and your TippingSports tips unique link for automated betting bot.

We strongly recommend to all users to use automated betting solution to place bets at tips, as that is the only way to ensure that you bet on all tipped selections.

By using our web site and buying tips from other tipsters you accept our terms and conditions and understand risks that betting and following other peoples advice has.