TippingSports.com Monthly Tipping Prize Terms and Conditions



  1. Introduction
  2. a. This Competition is the TippingSports.com Monthly Tipping Prize (the Competition).

    b. This is a test of skill and judgment and is free to enter.

    c. These Terms and Conditions shall apply to all TippingSports.com tipping competitions.

    d. TippingSports.com is and shall be under no obligation to run a Competition in this or any other form and retains the right to cancel future planned competitions at any time, provided no Competition shall be cancelled once it has commenced.


  3. Competitors
  4. All competitors must be:

    a. Over 18 years of age at the time the Competition they enter commences.

    b. Registered to TippingSports.com. (Registration is free here).

    c. Not in breach of any Terms and Conditions of the TippingSports.com website which can be read here.

    d. Must provide current full name and address details


  5. Entry
  6. a. Entry is free and automatic for all registered users of the TippingSports.com website who comply with the restrictions above and who have not opted out here.

    b. Only one entry per person per month.


  7. Duration
  8. a. The Competition will run monthly and will commence on the first day of each month at 0000hrs GMT and end on the last day of each month at 2400hrs GMT.

    b. The Duration relates to the timing of events upon which tips are made not the timing of the tips themselves. (For example, a tip made in January for an event in February would count in the February competition.)


  9. Placing Tips
  10. a. Tips are placed at the "Add new tips" of the TippingSports.com site.

    b. For each tip entrants set the number of points that they want to tip for that selection. This can be 0.25, 0.50, 0.75, 1.0, 1.25, 1.5, 1.75 or 2 points.

    c. At the "Add new tips" page there are also limits on adding tips that apply to all users and which shall apply to Competition tips including:
    i. Maximum of 3 points per event.
    ii. Maximum of 3 points per market.
    iii. Maximum of 30 points can be tipped each day.
    iv. Tips can be added only until 7 minutes before an event official start time.
    v. Tips can be deleted only within 2 minutes of being placed.
    vi. Minimum of 20 tips for different events.
    vii. Minimum of 60 points must be tipped each month.
    viii. No tips may be added by anyone with an overall negative tipping balance in excess of -100 points.

    d. Entrants shall tip only on popular events that have a valid offer at Betfair. Failure to follow this rule is at the entrant’s risk. (This is to protect Entrants by trying to avoid the situation which arises if a price is not available at Betfair a few minutes before the start time then wrong/bad price might be used to settle tips e.g. 1.01.)


  11. Settling Tips
  12. a. The TippingSports.com Competition relies on automatically downloaded results from Betfair to settle user tips.

    b. For Betfair Start Price markets the Betfair Start Price will be used to settle tips to a maximum of 20. Any BSP higher than 20 will be deemed to be 20 for the purpose of this Competition.

    c. For all other markets TippingSports.com will record the Back and Lay price a few minutes before the start time at a time chosen at our absolute discretion and then use this recorded price to settle tips when results are available. Any price higher than 20 will be deemed to be 20 for the purpose of this Competition.

    d. The same price will be used for all entrants making the same tip so that it will not be possible for two entrants to tip the same horse/selection with different prices.

    e. At our "Tipsters" page tipsters are ranked by number of points won in that month.

    f. The results of this Competition may be adjusted after the Competition duration has ended depending on the finalisation of official results.

    g. Official variation of results made after the distribution of prizes shall be ignored.

    h. Performance of competitors is ranked on points won during the Duration of that month’s Competition.
    i. In the event of two or more competitors obtaining the same points total, a decision will be determined using: -
    i. Highest profit on turnover
    ii. Highest strike rate

    j. The decision of TippingSports.com in determining tipster rankings shall be final.


  13. Prizes
  14. a. Prizes shall be awarded to the first, second and third best tipsters over all events and sports (not one for each event or sport) for the month.

    b. Prizes shall consist of license keys for Bf Bot Manager V3 for Betfair software or subscription to TippingSports automated betting on tips functionality. Prizes are subscriptions for selected automated betting service valid 12 months for first, 6 months for second and 3 months for third place prize.

    c. Final results and prize notifications will be sent to competitors on their registered email and also remain for public view on the TippingSports.com website for at least 3 months following the end of the competition.

    d. Details of winners and winnings may be used in future promotional material for similar competitions.

    e. To claim a prize a competitor must respond to notification to confirm current registration details and Paypal information. If a winner fails to claim in this manner within 7 days of the end of the competition, their place and prize will be given to the next eligible competitor under the competition rules.


  15. Disclaimer
  16. a. TippingSports.com uses Betfair events, markets, prices and results data.

    b. TippingSports.com has no control over or interest in Betfair and can take no responsibility for any fault, error, delay or interruption of service on the part of Betfair even where same causes delay in placing a tip or error in providing a result.

    c. These Terms and Conditions are to be interpreted in accordance with the law of England and Wales with which they comply. Individual competitors must satisfy themselves that taking part is within the laws of the jurisdiction in which they reside.


  17. Acceptance
  18. By entering this competition, you agree to all of the Competition Terms and Conditions and those of the TippingSports.com website (available here)


  19. Our Details
  20. a. TippingSports.com website and the TippingSports Monthly Tipping Prize is owned and run by Sodens Limited registered in England & Wales under company number 07891404, registered office 167 Turners Hill Cheshunt Herts EN8 9BH who have asserted their right to copyright over the names, site and competition referred to.

    b. We can be contacted by using the contact details advertised on the TippingSports.com website.


    This document was last updated on 9th October, 2019


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