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Automated betting on tips by TippingSports

Betting on tips by TippingSports is recommended for users that want to quickly and easily "set and forget" solution that will bet on all tips from tipsters that user selects.

For more details please visit Automatic betting on tips page.

Automated betting on tips by Bf Bot Manager V3

This is recommended for advanced users that want to fine tune settings, apply staking plans and have full control over their betting.

Automated betting on tipster tips by using Bf Bot Manager V3 is explained in Automatic importing of tips to Bf Bot Manager V3 article.

To automate betting via Bf Bot Manager V3 you will need your unique link (available at your profile page only) to import tips to bot and strategy that bets on this tipster tips.

Below you can download example strategy that bets on this tipster tips. It is not best or profitable strategy, it is just example that should help you get started with V3 and automatic betting on tispter tips.

File needs to be saved to your hard drive and then imported to Bf Bot Manager V3 by using "Import strategies" button at "STRATEGIES" tab.
Recent tips
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18-Aug 20:00 - Cruzeiro MG v Santos\Correct Score

Tipped 1.25 points on 18th Aug 19:45
1 - 3
18-Aug 20:00 - Rennes v Paris St-G\Correct Score

Tipped 2 points on 18th Aug 19:47
1 - 2
18-Aug 20:00 - Rennes v Paris St-G\Half Time Score

Tipped 1 points on 18th Aug 19:47
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0% Strike rate -4.25 points Profit
4.25 Invested (points) -100% Return On Investment (ROI)
Betfair commission of 4% is deducted from overall market profit. Actual commission may differ dependant on sport, region, and/or a users own account. You should check your own Betfair account for commission that Betfair is charging you as it might be very different from commission that we used and it could significantly change estimated profit/loss for this tipster.
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