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Lucro de pontos A comissão Betfair de 4% é deduzida do lucro geral do mercado. A comissão real pode variar dependendo do esporte, região e / ou conta do próprio usuário. Você deve verificar sua própria conta Betfair para ver se há comissões que a Betfair está cobrando de você, pois pode ser muito diferente da comissão que usamos e pode alterar significativamente o lucro / perda estimado para este tipster.


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This is an official account from www.bettingsystemsguide.com

These tips must be followed with the Bf Bot Manager automated betting software .

This is because the tips will be posted very close to kick-off, usually 20-60 minutes before kick-off.

These are trigger tips for a custom BfBM bot set of 6 bots that can be used with these selections. The bot set has made a +70 unit increase on average per month over a 9 month period.

2023 July +173 units

2023 August -83 units

2023 September +150 units

2023 October +151 units

2023 November +103 units

2023 December -10 units

2024 January -137 units

2024 February +54 units

2024 March +162 units

Current Total: +563 units in 9 months 

The bot set needs a 880 unit bank and has a high volatility with swings of +/- 250 units in one weekend. The biggest drawdown so far was -250 points. It is a bumpy system.

Visit this page to get the setup guide PDF for this system and to see a YouTube video explaining how to setup the system.


You can see screenshots and PDFs with past results here https://bettingsystemsguide.com/blog/ and here https://www.reddit.com/r/AutomatedBettingBots/ 

This is a real, working betting system with over 9,000 bets of historical data of real bets placed on Betfair with the Bf Bot Manager.

These tips have an ROI of 2.5% after 9,000+ bets. (Including 2% Betfair commission taken out.) All results on TippingSports have a 4% comission removed from them, so the ROI will appear lower.

Email me and ask for the "BSG Draw System Bot Set" to get the bot set for the Bf Bot Manager triggered by these tips that make this system even more profitable. 

Please check out my website and contact me if you want to get that bot set.


Current Price: Free for 1 month, then 100 GBP per month.


To avoid tips being overbet on, the price for new subscribers will increase as the number of followers increases. Existing followers keep their price for as long as their unbroken subscription continues. So joining up sooner gets you a permanently cheaper subscription price. The number of followers will be limited.


My bot set also works for the BetaminicDraw account https://www.tippingsports.com/en/profile/9154 and other Betaminic draw strategies that can also be used to trigger the bots.  Please email me at bettingsystemsguide@gmail.com for the bot set.


Note: The profit/loss graph below can be misleading because the points were changed from 2 to 1 to 0.5 over time, so the graph may not seem to make sense.

2023-6-19 to 2023-7-2 Tips uploaded manually set at 2 points.

2023-7-3 to 2023-7-25 Tips uploaded manually set at a mix of 0.25, 0.5, 1, 2 points depending on ho many tips were found that day. 

2023-7-26 to 2023-9-25 Tips uploaded automatically set at 1 point. Bet volume increases since more selections get posted to Tipping Sports.

2023-9-26 onwards Tips uploaded automatically set at 0.5 points. Bet volume increases even more since all selections get posted to Tipping Sports.

2024-1-13 onwards "Traded Volume +2,000 GBP" rule added to selection method.

2024-3-10 onwards "Traded Volume +2,000 GBP" rule removed from selection method. After 1,000 bets, no significant benefit was noticed.


To make 3rd party verification of tips on TippingSports easier to view there are other accounts for this system run from 2023-11-17 and 2024-1-9.

bsgDrawSys0_5p  https://www.tippingsports.com/en/profile/9153 A 0.5 point version of the  system with no "Traded Volume +2,000 GBP" rule. All tips on this version were set at 0.5 points.

BsgDraws2k  https://www.tippingsports.com/en/profile/9277 A 0.5 point version of the  system with "Traded Volume +2,000 GBP" rule. All tips on this version were set at 0.5 points.

By following the 0.5 point version, it limits trigger tips to 60 per day at most. This is enough to get all the picks on a busy weekend, but means most of your bank could be risked at peak times 1400-1800. This can be considered the full version of the BSG draw system.

If you want to follow the BSG draw system, please email me at bettingsystemsguide@gmail.com


Lucro / perda ao longo do tempo

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2024 -12.27 26.79 -13.78 25.5 -44.29
2023 -8.19 63.77 -37.18 14.99 5.19 -8.73 -13.15