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Points profit Betfair commission of 4% is deducted from overall market profit. Actual commission may differ dependant on sport, region, and/or a users own account. You should check your own Betfair account for commission that Betfair is charging you as it might be very different from commission that we used and it could significantly change estimated profit/loss for this tipster.


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This is an official account from www.bettingsystemsguide.com

These tips are best followed with the Bf Bot Manager automated betting software or by using the TippingSports automated betting service.

This is because the tips will often be posted very close to kick-off, often less than 30 minutes before kick-off.

To make sure you get on all the tips, please subscribe to one of those services.

I have a custom BfBM bot set of 4 bots that can be used with these selections. It has made a +35% increase on the bank average per month over a 6 month period.

See my site for screenshots and more information.


This is a real, working betting system with over 5,000 bets of historical data of real bets placed on Betfair with the Bf Bot Manager.

These tips have an ROI of 3% after 5,000+ bets. (Including 2% Betfair comission taken out.)

Email me and ask for the "BSG Draw System Bot Set" to get 3 add on bots for the Bf Bot Manager triggered by these tips that have 10%, 30% and 100% ROI respectively. (But the higher ROI bots have fewer bets per month, so it is meaningful to also run the lower ROI bots, too.)

Please check out my website and contact me if you want to get that bot set.

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Current Price: 100 GBP per month

To avoid tips being overbet on, the price for new subscribers will increase as the number of followers increases. Existing followers keep their price for as long as their unbroken subscription continues. So joining up sooner gets you a permanently cheaper subscription price.

1-10 followers: 100 GBP per month
11-20 followers: 200 GBP per month
21-30 followers: 300 GBP per month


Bet 1 point per bet! (Analysis based on The Staking Machine software) Do not bet more than this. The variance and drawdown is high. The historical drawdown for these tips is -84 points after 5,000 bets depsite a long term win rate of 33%, but it comes back into profit after that. But only bet 1% fixed of your alloted start bank on these tips. DO NOT BET MORE THAN 1 POINT PER BET. I wrote The Staking Book (available on Amazon as paperback or www.bettingsystemsguide.com as PDF) and I know what I am talking about. I recommend starting with 40 GBP per bet if only betting on these tips or 10 GBP per bet if you use my Bf Bot Manager bot set of 4 bots placing 10 GBP bets each. This will cover the subscritpion and make profit in the long term, especially if you use my Bf Bot Manager bot set. Plan to follow for at least 6 months to have the best chance of the trend repeating itself.



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