Automated notifications

Main issue for tipsters is to notify their subscribers when they add new tips. Tipsters want to add tips at any time of day or night and subscribers want to receive this information as soon as possible. This creates problems as users cannot keep checking if there are new tips or not. Specially if tipsters are not in same time zone or if tips are for events from different continent.

Common solutions to send notifications on new tips are:

  • Email
  • Twitter, Telegram
  • Publishing tips at web site

Those solutions are good, we implemented them all (except SMS), but we believe that there is one more solution that is more reliable and faster.

  • Unique link

That is unique link, that we created for each tipster account. Those unique links are available for each user at their profile page. Unique link lists all your tips and tips of all tipsters that you are following. Content that unique link provides is updated automatically when tipster that you follow or you add new tip.

Main advantage of unique link is that its content can easily be read by any software, specially by betting bots that can get tips at your unique link every few minutes and place bets automatically.

To summarize, when you add new tip to your account this is what happens:

  • You get 2 minutes to delete tip in case you post it by mistake
  • After 2 minutes tip becomes valid
  • Valid tips are sent by email to your subscribers and published at your Twitter account or Telegram group. Valid tips are available via unique link and published at our web site

Delay of 2 minutes is used to allow you to delete tip if you added it by accident. Deleting tip usually takes just a second, but we decided to give you 2 minutes. After this period it is no longer possible to modify tip. automatic notifications allow you to add tips with single click and all your subscribers will be automatically notified by email, Twitter, Telegram group, our web site or by using their unique link.