Betting bank

Before you start to place real bets by tipster tips it is important that you analyse tipster tips history. By analysing tips history you will know how many tips per day/week to expect and how much money you can afford to place on each tip. You must ensure that you have betting bank that will allow you to cover long losing runs and bet on all tipster tips. Missing one tip can make a difference between overall profit and loss at the end of the month.

Most important thing is that you understand that past results do not guarantee future profit. There is always risk to lose money regardless of tipster’s previous record! You should always bet only with money that you can afford to lose.

Once you know how much money you can invest and risk to lose by following tipster tips, you can do analysis and decide the size of your 1 point value. Do not do this the other way around, always first decide how much money you can invest!

Tipsters place between 0.25 and 2.0 points per each tip. This allows their followers to set any value for 1 point when placing bets. For example, if your betting bank is £1,000 then you can set £10 as 1 point value. To lose your betting bank tipster would have to lose 100 points. Someone else might want to have betting bank of £10,000 and in that case 1 point value could be set to £100. Both users would lose their betting bank if tipster would lose 100 points, but obviously they would risk and earn different amounts of money.

Most tipsters recommend using 1% of betting bank as 1 point value. Safer option is to use 0.5% of betting bank as 1 point value. Using higher value than 1% has very high risk, as long losing runs are always possible for any tipster. Before you start following tipster with real money it is best that you analyse their tips history or ask tipster for recommended betting bank.

If you had a betting bank of £2,000 and used 0.5% as 1 point value, then your stake per 1 point would be £10. To know how much you would win by following tipster, with £10 for 1 point value, you just need to multiply £10 with tipster overall points profit that tipster made.

Betting bank is only for 1 tipster. If you are following more than one tipster than you should set betting bank for each tipster separately.

If you wish to follow 5 tipsters and to use 0.5% as 1 point value for each tipster so that your stake is £10 per 1 point, then you should make sure that you have 5 x £2,000 = £10,000 available to bet. In this case you need 5 betting banks of £2,000, one for each tipster!

Recommended tipsters are available at our best tipsters page. This does not mean that other tipsters are not worth following, it is just that that we reviewed tips history for those tipsters and confirmed that they are reliable, consistent and professional.