We offer you solutions
from betting tips management to fully automated betting bots!

Keep all your betting tips at one place and allow others to follow you or you follow other successful punters!


Tips history and analysis

All your tips are recorded automatically. You can apply different staking plans to your tips history and find the best staking plan that would make you biggest profits.


Notify your followers

When you add new tips your followers will be notified by email, Twitter messages, RSS feed or by using unique link that lists tips in machine friendly format.

From betting tips management to fully automated betting bots

Automated betting on your tips

TippingSports is approved Betfair API solution which means that you can set it to automatically bet on all your tips and tips from your tipsters at Betfair! Optionally you can use unique link that returns tips in machine friendly format with third party betting bots.


Sell your tips

With long and profitable tipping history you can sell your tips to your followers and earn extra money!

Free tipping and analysis services

You can place your betting tips, analyse them and build your tipping history for free

Free tipping and analysis services

Publish your tips or follow other tipsters

By registering you will be able to publish your tips and follow other tipsters betting tips.

Publishing tips at our web site will help you create reputation and prove to everyone that your betting tips are profitable. Once you have proven that your betting tips are profitable you can start selling them and earn extra money.

With our analysis services you will be able to find best staking plan for your betting tips. You can apply different staking plans to your tipping history and within seconds find staking plan that would create you biggest profits and minimum risk.

Analysis and staking plans

Automated betting and notifications

We have automated whole process, from notifying your followers to actual bet placement at biggest betting exchanges!


Fully automated solution to bet on your tips

Picking your selections and placing bets can take hours of your time each day. Bet placement process is prone to mistakes and is hard to follow, specially if you are using staking plan. If you run tipster service then you also need to notify all your subscribers and then they all need to follow your tips and place bets.

By using our services you will have all this fully automated!

Our system will notify all your subscribers automatically when you add new tip. We can help you and your subscribers setup betting bot that will place bets on all your tips automatically at most popular betting exchanges!

Your single click to add new tip will trigger notifications to all your subscribers betting bots that will place bets automatically just before event starts.

Automated betting and notifications
Automated betting and notifications

Sell your tips

If your tips are creating regular monthly profits then best thing that you can do is to start selling your tips!

Sell your tips

Selling your tips was never so easy

Proven tipsters whose betting tips create regular monthly profits can make their tips private and start selling their services to other users.

All you need to do is to register and prove that your tips are profitable. After that contact us for details to set your account.

Sell betting tips

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