Monthly tipster prize competition and special offer!

Monthly Tipping Prize competition Monthly Tipping Prize competition allows you to compete with other tipsters, prove that your tips are profitable and win monthly prizes. At the end of each month prizes shall be awarded to the first, second and third best tipsters over all events and sports (not one for each event or sport) for the month.

Prizes for top three places are:

  • £200 for first place
  • £100 for second place
  • £50 for third place

This is a great way to prove your tipping skills and get rewarded if you are successful.

Competition is free, there are not any fees to join the competition. You just register or login to your existing account and start posting tips.

Competition terms and conditions apply, so please make sure you read those carefully before you start tipping. There are limits and rules on number of placed tips and points.

All you need to do is register and start posting your tips.

Free registration

*Registration is free and it will allow you to:

  • compete with other tipsters in TippingSports Monthly Tipping Prize competition
  • connect your Betfair account and use automated betting on tips services 15 days for free
  • place your own tips
  • follow other free tipsters
  • publish your tips at your Twitter account automatically
  • prove that your tips are profitable and sell your tips to other members

What to do next?

Here are step by step instructions that you need to do to set this all to work automatically for you:

  1. Register
  2. Check your email inbox and click on activation link in email that you received from us
  3. Login to your account
  4. Start posting your tips!

Automated betting and following other tipster is optional. If you wish to activate automated betting on tipster tips then follow those steps below.

To activate automated betting go to Automated betting on tips page and do following:

  1. Connect your Betfair account
  2. Set 1 point value. You should read our betting bank article to decide the size of one point value for your betting bank
  3. Click "Enable betting" and then "Start" button for tipster at which you want bets to be placed automatically
  4. Finally check your settings and change "Automatic bet placement on/off" button to "ACTIVE" (green state)
  5. Done.

If you have set this properly then bets will be placed automatically on all tips from tipsters for which you started automatic bet placement.

If you already have Bf Bot Manager V3 and want to set it to automatically bet on tips from tipsters that you are following or you are subscribed to then please see Automated betting on tips video tutorial.

Monthly Tipping Prize competition

Setting TippingSports account process

Register now to join competition, get access to paid tipsters tips and automated betting services!


* This is a limited offer and valid only for new customers. Free period starts immediately upon registration, so to take full advantage of this offer we recommend that you connect your Betfair account immediately after confirming your email address.
** There is no guarantee of any kind that provided tips will make you any profit. If you decide to bet on provided tips then you should do that only with money that you can afford to lose.


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