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bsgDrawSys0_5 Tips provided by this tipster are private and all follow connections must be approved by this tipster before you can view and receive this tipster tips.

Joined Nov 17th 2023




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Points profit Betfair commission of 4% is deducted from overall market profit. Actual commission may differ dependant on sport, region, and/or a users own account. You should check your own Betfair account for commission that Betfair is charging you as it might be very different from commission that we used and it could significantly change estimated profit/loss for this tipster.


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This is the 0.5 point version  of the BSG draw system tips.

By following the 0.5 point version, it limits tirigger tips to 60 per day at most. This is enough to get all the picks on a busy weekend, but means most of your bank could be risked at peak times 1400-1800. Ths can be considered the full version of the BSG draw system.

If you want follow the BSG draw system, please email me at bettingsystemsguide@gmail.com


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2024 -19.08 19.24
2023 -5.67 -6.78