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Points profit Betfair commission of 4% is deducted from overall market profit. Actual commission may differ dependant on sport, region, and/or a users own account. You should check your own Betfair account for commission that Betfair is charging you as it might be very different from commission that we used and it could significantly change estimated profit/loss for this tipster.


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This is an official account by WWW.BETAMINIC.COM .

This account aims to minimize drawdowns by following selection strategies that have historically low drawdowns based on data going back to 2012..

If you would like to follow this actively managed betting system, please leave a message on our wall or contact us via our website.

Our betting strategies can also be linked directly from our website to the Bf Bot Manager for 100% automation.


The Betaminic website combines historical football statistics with real bookmaker odds to help users find profitable betting strategies.  If we know what worked in the past, we have a good starting point for a betting system.


This account currently posts tips from these betting strategies:

Colossus 05 Against the Trend Overs AL (Updated 2020-07-04)

Colossus 01 Home Dog

Away weak favourite 41 of 111 leagues 4%+ yields


which are from of our top performing strategies with low drawdowns.

Together, these strategies have had a mximum drawdown of -25 ponits over the last 11 years. We tip with 2 points per tip, so we can make a bank managment plan that this account will not have losing runs of more than 50 points if it repeats its historical trend..

If you sign up and log into the Betamin Builder tool on the Betaminic site, then you will be able to see the historical results of these strategies going back to 2012. The past bet data is downloadable so that you can even analyse it with staking software to find the best staking plans for them if you want to.


You can sign up to use the Betamin Builder tool and check if your own betting ideas work if backtested against real bookmaker odds and football data. Many users research and then share their strategies on the public strategy page. 


The basic idea behind all Betaminic strategies is that there are inefficiencies in the bookmaker market model, and we can find these holes by analysing big data. You can then subscribe to our service to follow those trends and get future tips sent to you.


If you would like to follow this betting system, please leave a message on our wall or contact us via our website.


There are 2 ways to follow this system.


Follow the strategy directly through your Betaminic account. (Recommended) You can receive the tips by email and bet manually or connect your Betaminic account to the Bf Bot Manager software. Betaminic is compatible with the Bf Bot Manager software and allows fully automated betting. Our in-house bot experts can help you with bot setup and management. (Prices from 29.75 EUR depending on the package you purchase. Tips are available from about 36-48 hours before kick-off.)

Follow the strategy through this one TippingSports account. We will make you an approved follower to this private account and you can follow the tips though your TippingSports account. (Price: 70 EUR per month. Tips are added about 1 hour before kick-off. It is cheaper through our website.) If you follow through TippingSports, we recommend you use the Bf Bot Manager software or the TippnigSports site automated betting service to make sure you catch the bets. 

Discounts are available for longer subscriptions.
1 month subscription - 70 EUR
3 month subscription - 189 EUR (10% discount: 63 EUR per month)
6 month subscription - 336 EUR (20% discount: 56 EUR per month)
12 month subscription - 588 EUR (30% discount: 49 EUR per month)

Please visit our website to see why big data betting is the best way to beat the bookies.


Power to your bets.


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